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Waking Up || Angel & Cordelia


"I am too," Angel simply responded. He sat in silence for a while, letting the news sink in to Cordy and trying to think of a sliver of good news to tell the girl. He wasn’t about to break the news about Fred and Illyria yet.

"Connor’s here," he said a little too abruptly. "In New York. He’s attending NYU, studying to be a lawyer." Angel grinned as wide as any other proud parent would. "He’s going to take down Wolfram & Hart." So the goals Angel set aside for his son were a little too ambitious, but he wasn’t expecting his son to save the world in a day. No. Connor could just start with the Los Angeles Branch and work his way from there.

"Of course, he’s just finishing his freshman year," Angel tried to downplay the pride swelling up within him and glanced down at his hands. "He still has to get through college and then get into law school." Things really had changed a lot in a short time period and not all for the worse. He and Connor were on speaking terms, more than that even. Angel always loved Connor, through the best and the worst, but now they truly felt like a father-son duo.

 His eyes moved back up to Cordy, sure that she would love hearing the good news about Connor. She loved that boy just as much as Angel did. “I think he’s doing good in college. It sounds like he’s making a lot of friends, getting good grades, not partying too much.” A crease appeared between his brows as he continued, “he’s staying safe.” Safe being relative to their lives, that is, but he was sure Cordy understood what he meant.

"He is?" Cordelia was startled out of her reverie, her mood brightened instantly. The boy had struggled with a lot in his life, the thought of him escaping into something as normal as going to college…it warmed her heart. Cordy smiled at Angel’s obvious pride, mirroring her own. She wished she could have been around to see Connor achieve this. "That’s so great! Although, I can’t say I approve of the career path. Do we even know any good lawyers?” She teased. 

"But…speaking of lawyers…you two are speaking? I thought Wolfram & Hart worked some mumbo jumbo," Cordelia waggled her fingers, "and gave him a normal life sans demons and goo? Not that I’m not thrilled, of course!" Nothing would please Cordy more than knowing that Angel had managed to remain in contact with his son. Both of them deserved to be happy, even if a certain Gypsy curse didn’t agree. "I’m just surprised."

Did Angel re-enter Connor’s life? Or did the magic put in place by Wolfram & Hart get lifted? Would he remember her? Cordelia wasn’t sure what she was hoping for. She would love for him to remember her, but there was a lot of unpleasant memories tied to her as well. The amnesiac version of herself, the Jasmine debacle. It was a lot for them to overcome, she wasn’t sure if Connor would be able to look past all of that. 

Waking Up || Angel & Cordelia


Cordy was joking, of course, but there was something that shook his nerves when her finger slid across her throat. His facial expressions remained light, trying not to let the past catch up with him too much.

That was until Cordelia kept rambling on about Wesley. Angel’s face tightened and he swallowed, trying to figure out how to break the news to her that their good friend had died in battle. The battle that Angel had sent them into. Angel looked around at the books and reminisced about that his friend. He regretted being so harsh to Wes with the entire prophecy ordeal; he was only trying to help. Wes could have spent all that time at Angel Investigations, but instead he had him exiled from their misfit family. There were many things Angel wished could have happened, but of course, he knew all too well that the past was the past.

Angel looked back at Cordelia, his face softening as he broke the news. He had assumed that Wes and Cordy ended up in the same place in their afterlife, a small comfort for him, and still hoped that was the case and it was just memory loss to blame. “Wesley died, Cordelia, about a year back. It wasn’t too long after… after you sent me that last vision.” He paused and smiled, “he went out fighting, not before finishing his mission of course.” Wes was never one to leave anything unfinished.

He waited for her reaction and for the expected tears to come. Angel knew how much Wes meant to Cordy and the news about her friend wasn’t something she expected (or wanted) to hear.

The smile slid off of Cordelia’s face, her exuberant mood dampened instantly. “What?” She said, dumbly. No, that couldn’t be…that couldn’t be right. Wesley had survived everything else, he went from stuffy Watcher, to rogue demon hunter, traitor…Cordelia bit down on her lip. That wasn’t how she remembered Wesley, it was part of it, sure…but he came back. She had seen how Angel had forgiven the English man, the thought of losing Wesley for good after all of that took place was heart-breaking. Cordy wondered how long ago this was for Angel. 

She looked down at her hands clasped tightly together in her lap, “Fighting the good fight,” Cordelia murmured, it was how they were all going to go one day. (Some had already done it.) She refused to let tears fall, not in this public place…later she would grieve for Wesley and mourn the time they never had. 

"He was a good man," Cordy said, looking back up at Angel across the table. Flawed, and sometimes broken, but nonetheless good. Like most of Angel Investigations, Wesley was fighting for redemption. She only hoped that he found it before passing over. "I’m sorry."

What she was sorry for she wasn’t entirely sure. I’m sorry for our loss? Your loss? I’m sorry I wasn’t there to do something to stop it? To mourn with you, and Fred, and Gunn? There were a lot of regrets, but most of which were unavoidable. Cordelia knew first hand how dangerous their lives were. She hoped that Wesley would return just as she had, but didn’t voice the desire. Putting words to something she wanted wouldn’t bring it to fruition. 

Waking Up || Angel & Cordelia


Before Angel could process anything, Cordelia’s arms wrapped around his neck- his own embraced the girl tightly, reluctant to let go when she withdrew. Angel stared at her incredulously, “I’m alive? You should be the one talking.” Wasn’t it only a few hours ago that he was standing next to her grave? Either way, the thought couldn’t shake the smile from his face. Cordy had been gone from his life for over a year and his best guess was that she somewhere with the Powers. However, he couldn’t guarantee that they were the ones that brought her back to him. “It really is nice to see you again.” It was more than nice, it was something familiar in a city full of unfamiliar faces. Something about seeing Cordelia in front of him told him that everything was going to be okay.

His smile flickered at the mention of impending doom, though. If it was the Powers that brought her back, it only meant that the situation was worse than Angel had first thought. “So you know what’s been happening?” he asked her. She had mentioned only being back for a few hours, but Angel wasn’t quite sure what memory she had of her afterlife and if she knew of dying Slayers.

The sun was creeping over the horizon and it wouldn’t be long until it was fully up. “How about we catch up inside?” he suggested and ascended up the stairs to the library. Angel’s eyes kept falling on the girl next to him; he couldn’t help it. His best friend was back alongside of him, almost as if nothing had happened. The past year and a half seemed to fall away from Angel’s memory and a bright light shone through. Part of him had hope that maybe even Wesley would return to him, however, he knew that would be asking too much. Despite the new hope, he still felt an ever looming presence. A lot had occurred since Cordelia had passed away and he wasn’t sure how much information she knew about the time she spent six feet underground. 

Angel wasn’t even sure exactly where to start. Did he tell her about Connor’s acceptance into NYU? Or how Spike was still with him and Gunn back at the Hyperion? Or how Fred sometimes managed to escape Illyria’s hold and come back to them?

They entered the building as the sun rose and he could hear the echoing footsteps of others who had also opted for an early library visit. Angel walked up the stairs and he went to an empty table to sit at. He observed the books surrounding him and noted the classical authors from times past. His eyes fell on Cordy’s, still mesmerized that his friend was in front of him.

The last time they saw each other… 

No. That was a long time ago, Angel told himself. He couldn’t help his mind from wandering to the last time they had talked to each other, to the last time he heard her voice, to the last time he felt her lips on his. 

He knew how he felt about her. Those feelings didn’t change. He didn’t want to bring it up to Cordelia, or at least not now. He had just gotten her back and she needed time to ease back into this world.

Cordelia laughed, “I know, I know,” she answered his retort. It was difficult to keep in mind that she was the unexpected surprise. Cordy had no recollection of how long she’d been gone, or where she had been during that time. For all Cordelia knew, it had been years and years of her being deceased, while for her the memory of being alive felt like it occurred only yesterday. 

"Um…" Cordelia began, biting her lip. Her impending doom statement was more a general assumption, not based on concrete facts. "Sorry, no. I’ve got no clue what’s up. I’m just assuming that dead girls don’t return to their bodies for no reason," she shrugged with an easy grin. "I wish I had some information to offer you, but the last thing I remember -" I’ll be seeing you… Cordelia paused, losing her train of thought in the memory. ” - I remember is- is the last thing you probably remember before I…” Cordy didn’t bother finishing the statement, simply drawing a line across her throat with her finger. 

"Anyways," She continued, nodding at his invitation to further their conversation within the safety of the New York Public Library. "I’m sure we’ll figure out whatever is going on soon enough, AI hasn’t failed yet." Her grin brightened at bit at the thought as she slipped into the seat across from the vampire. Her eyes roamed the high shelves. 

"God, all these books…I’m surprised Wesley hasn’t beat us here to salivate." Cordy glanced around as if the ex-Watcher would appear out of nowhere, "Don’t tell me he’s actually getting his fill of the Big Apple and doing something, I don’t know…fun.” A small laugh escaped Cordelia as she imagined Wesley in traditional tourist-y get-up. As funny as the image was, the brunette was still pleased that the present fight took them out of L.A. So much had happened within that city and it was a refreshing change of pace.

Waking Up || Angel & Cordelia


It was still early morning when Angel checked into a small hotel, Chelsea’s, and got himself settled. He didn’t bring much besides his weapons, some books, and a few shirts. After he unpacked, he went downstairs to the lobby and exited onto the already busy streets. The sun was going to rise soon, however, thanks to New York’s public transportation, that wasn’t a problem like in Los Angeles. 

Angel found the nearest subway station and bought himself a metro ticket, planning to ride closer into the heart of Manhattan and to the Lenox Hill Hospital. He sat down in an empty seat and observed the new environment. Businessmen and women were dressed in suits on their way to work with coffee in their hand, teenagers with backpacks and ipods in their ear closed their eyes trying to fit in more sleep, and the occasional wanderer sat with a glassy eye watching the cement walls jet by. 

At the next stop, he abandoned his seat for a mother and her child and grabbed onto one of the metal polls that littered the car. He looked out through the window and that’s when he saw her. Out of everyone in the crowd, his eyes immediately had fell on her. He only saw her back, her hair, but it was her. It had to be her. But how?

The doors of the subway were closing shut, but Angel managed to run out onto the platform just in time. She was ascending up the stairs and Angel tried his hardest to keep from yelling out to her. After Cordelia had passed away, Angel had began to see her everywhere. However, this time he knew it was her. Her posture, her walk, her outfit. This was definitely Cordelia Chase. Questions began to rapidly whirl around in his head: How long had she been alive? And why was she in New York? And most importantly… why didn’t she call him? Though, none of it seemed to matter. At least not at this moment.

He weaved through people until he finally caught up to her on the streets. The sun was rising and would be up in only a few minutes, but he didn’t care. He stopped in front of the New York Public Library and watched her begin to walk up the stairs.

“Cordelia?” he asked, waiting for the girl to turn around and look down to the street. Angel bit the inside of his lip and felt his muscles tense in anticipation. His eyes blurred out everything around him and all he could see was the figure before him. He had been wrong before, but not this time. Cordelia Chase was alive.

Cordelia stood in the subway station, she had grown tired of riding the line, hoping for a familiar face. The sun would be up soon and the streets would be safer to travel. Cordy gave the crowd one more half-hearted glance before climbing the steps leading into the city. With the sun struggling up the skyline the brunette took in her surroundings, New York Public Library. She smiled, something about Library made her feel better about being alone in the Big Apple. Cordelia chalked it up to the constant presence of Wesley’s dusty old texts and the gang hitting the books looking for clues; she simply associated the printed word with home. 

Remember how I said, “Lets not have your department looking for those symbols I saw in my vision. Let’s do this like we used to - you and me, crackin’ the books”? Cordelia felt a wave of nostalgia hit her as the memory resurfaced from the day she died. She swallowed the lump in her throat; shaking her short hair, the same length as the day she passed on, out of her eyes. Once she got into the library she could find a paper, see the date…and finally know for sure if her friends would be around. Cordelia didn’t want to think about the possibility it was too far in the future for her mortal friends: Fred, Wesley and Gunn to be present…and that didn’t even factor in the Scoobies! 

Cordy was saved from following that train of thought into a panic attack when she heard her name being called. Her foot froze above the next step leading towards the large building. She’d know that voice anywhere, always. Cordelia turned slowly looking down at the to owner of the questioning call. 

"Angel?" She clapped a hand over her mouth, filled with surprise and joy. It was a relief to know she wasn’t alonein New York to face an undisclosed Big Bad. “Angel!” Cordy shouted again, running down the steps at a speed much faster than she used to go up them. She sent silent thanks to the PTB, regretting some of her earlier abuse thrown their way

Finally, she reached the vampire throwing her arms around her best friend’s neck. “You’re alive!” Cordelia exclaimed, “Not that I thought you were dead, of course, but c’mon I’ve been wandering around for hours not being able to find anyone! The PTB - working in mysterious ways I suppose, anyways,” She pulled back to grin brightly at Angel, “it’s really nice to see you. Even if it is because of impending doom.” The talk of a possible apocalypse did nothing to dim her smile.  

For Reasons Unknown || Closed

For the city that never sleeps, Bryant Park was empty at 3:46 in the morning. The Big Apple apparently earned the moniker from regions, such as Times Square, that were always bustling with activity. Cordelia was glad of this fact when she fell out of the sky and landed face first in the grass. “Ow,” she moaned, as she rolled over onto her back. It was confusing, to the say the least, as Cordy had no idea where she was, or why she was there. She tried to recall the last thing that happened to her…I’ll be seeing you. 

Her brow furrowed, she was…dead. That was deal she had made with the Powers, set the gang straight and then exit stage right (or was it left?). The brunette righted herself and took in her surroundings; for someone who was supposed to be dead she felt very alive. She wrinkled her nose; she certainly smelled her surroundings. Cordelia had forgotten that cities had very distinct aromas. She glanced up at the skies, “Okay, I’m down here and kickin’, what am I supposed to do now?” Cordy called to the invisible powers that she naturally assumed were above her. Her arms were held out to her side as she waited for the PTB to enlighten her further. While they were often vague and unhelpful, they could at least give her something to ease the confusion. She knew that she had been dead, she just knew it. Cordelia also knew the dead didn’t come back for no reason. She could only hope that it had been the Powers that raised her and not some creepy occult force hoping to harness some kind of energy from the resurrection. The thought sent a shiver down Cordy’s spine and she quickly dismissed the notion. She was vision girl, one of the Powers’, they would not let her be raised for some evil purpose. Not after the whole Jasmine debacle. 

Cordelia let her arms fall back to her side, her mouth falling into a slight pout when no reply was given. “Fine,” she grumped, she would figure out where she was and deal with it on her own. Cordy only hoped that the Powers had been kind enough to drop her near a friendly face. She didn’t have money, or identifications, or…anything. Cordelia wondered how much time had passed since she had died and was reassured that Angel was immortal, Spike too. Someone had to be alive (or at least undead) and able to give her a hand.



True, but fyi if you perform another “taste test” on me, Angel will be the least of your worries. You’ll have me to deal with :) 

Nah, don’t worry. I’m more worried about who’s dying than who’s coming back. Besides, Angel’s little pep squad’s full of Big Bads Gone Good. Even if you were a dangerous beastie, you’d probably end up rallied under our flag in short order.

Yeah, we are pretty big on redemption in Angel Investigations. So, I guess I can give you the benefit of the doubt, too. Plus, you’re part of the soul club, I suppose. Welcome to the pep squad. 



hmm, unfortunately I tend to avoid things handed out by Evil, Incorporated…

althoough an amulet that brings you back from the dead is desirable given our profession

Probably for the best, that. Wouldn’t want to get knocked about by Angel for doing another evil taste test on you. The blighter near chipped my favorite fang the last time.

True, but fyi if you perform another “taste test” on me, Angel will be the least of your worries. You’ll have me to deal with :) 

Shoulda got yourself one o’ them magical amulets. Brought me back with my favorite duster.

hmm, unfortunately I tend to avoid things handed out by Evil, Incorporated…

althoough an amulet that brings you back from the dead is desirable given our profession

Shoes or purses?

Shoes! Duh! The amount of boots I go through kicking demons and stepping in guck, gross, is ridiculous! Always shoes. You can never have too many shoes, if someone says that you have too many shoes, kick them in the shins wearing your most recent purchase. :) 

(I hope, dear anon, that you are asking because you plan on getting me a present! Coming back from the dead means I need to replace most of my wardrobe!)

Did you have a fun time chatting it up with the PTB again?

Oh yeah, the PTB are always super direct and clear. They are never annoying, vague, or high on their own power, nope. *heavy sarcasm* 

Ugh, look, the PTB are pains in my ass, and yeah I want to punch them in the nose…but they are helping us fight the good fight so how much can I really complain?